"One Thing" in 'Such an Ugly Time...'

Given that I sometimes occupy the guise of Rat Princesse, foundress of the Drowning Rat ritual, I was most delighted to have a poem published recently in a journal with this awesome name: the Rats Ass Review.


Here is one thing
That is not post-truth,
That cannot hide behind
Alternative facts,
That will go naked into the streets
Even if your president ties a blindfold
Around my eyes, around my entire
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.



Originally published in the Rats Ass Review, April 2017.

For some perspective on just how long this fallow period of mine has been in operation, I honestly cannot remember the last poem I had published before this.

Oh wait, I'm lying! I remember writing a passel of haiku for a food haiku writing contest in Portland. I won, and my friend Yvette and I got to dress up and drink and eat way, way too much at a big fancy event where we had VIP passes. It was rad. And it was about five years ago? Six? And the haiku took me about sixty seconds to write. It involved chanterelles and salmon and rosemary.

Anyway. This one also took seconds. I don't count the Not Writing, which is a huge part of my, errrr, "process." There are walks to be taken, and shuffling back and forth between rooms of the house looking for something as yet undefined, and dishes to wash. There are weeks of staring out windows and muttering at chipmunks. But then, one sits down and sets a timer, in order to enact a little game one invented long ago: The Two-Minute Poem of the Day. I wrote the above in well under 120 seconds. But it's imbued with love, and of course, the many hours and days of doing the essential Not Writing...

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