Letting-Go Ritual (Individual, customized)

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Letting-Go Ritual (Individual, customized)

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Do you feel trapped by a gnawing grief, destructive habit, or pattern of unhealthy thinking? Ritual plays an essential role in helping us let go, grieve, transform, and move forward.

In this process, we work together developing a ritual for you and your specific situation. We undertake divinatory readings, emails, and phone conversations.

Much of a ritual’s power arises from the work we do to prepare for it. You’ll use tools such as guided meditation, journaling, nature immersion, and tactile awakening in your preparation period.

Only then do we enact the ritual, in person or remotely. We follow up with a reading and discussion that helps us integrate our ritual experience and apply its lessons and rewards to our everyday lives, well into the future.

The process unfolds over the course of five weeks:

I. Discovery
II. Planning
III. Preparation
IV. Performance
V. Integration

Presence and simultaneity are lovely but not necessary. In remote work, I might set up an altar or perform your ritual in the woods, while you work on your own altar in the city and perform a reflective ritual.

This is difficult but extremely rewarding work. We will schedule our five-week plan in such a way that both our calendars can accommodate the emotional and spiritual dedication that is required.

If you’d like me to consult your astrological chart to help select the most fruitful time for our Letting-Go Ritual work, please select the “Astro Transits” option. If you need your ritual enacted ASAP, select “Rush Service.”

My clients and ritual-making friends entrust me with their darkest fears, brightest hopes, and most sacred moments. I appreciate your trust and openness, your willingness and courage to do the tough work of growth.

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