Tarot for Entrepreneurs & Creative Professionals

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Tarot for Entrepreneurs & Creative Professionals

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Facing a tough business decision or feeling stuck in your career? The cards can help restore your sense of perspective and offer new ways of thinking about old problems.

As much as I love reading Tarot, it’s a spiritual side hustle for me. My day job involves journalism, branding, strategy, marketing, and communications work—for lovely little local businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and multinational, hopefully-not-too-evil Fortune 100 corporations.

I combine both areas of practice in the Tarot for Entrepreneurs & Creative Professionals reading. This type of reading is best executed in the form of a conversation, in person or via voice phone. Alternately, the querent may email me details about their situation, and the Tarot and I can respond with an MP3 file. You may also purchase this reading to give as a gift to the entrepreneur in your life.

Some questions the querent might bring to this reading: Do my business practices nourish my health, wellness, and integrity? Is my approach to work draining my energy or buoying me up? Should I launch a risky new project? Am I overlooking an important factor in my work?

We can also use this time, with or without the cards, to hone our intuition in relation to a specific business issue or deliverable.

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