The Shorty

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The Shorty

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No time to mess around? This is the reading for you. The Shorty typically uses 3-7 cards to sketch out a current or upcoming situation, in the near future. Your audio reading will typically be around 20 minutes long and will arrive as an MP3 file (or download link) via email.

During checkout, please type your brief question in the Notes field. If you'd like the cards to guide the reading themselves, simply say you'd like a General Reading. Expect to receive your reading within 2-3 weeks, or add Rush Service for $15 and receive it within a few days.

The Shorty is only available in the form of an audio file emailed to you. For a phone conversation or in-person reading, please select "A Proper Tarot Reading." 

I look forward to pulling some cards for ya!

Photo of me as Miss Magdalen of Mystical Mayhem a few years back...

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